You’re Not A Scientist – You’re A Musician

This past week, I was having a conversation with a good audio engineering friend of mine. We were chatting about compressors, tape, and the newest plugins.

All was well and nerdy until he made a comment that I just had to disagree with.

He said, “we’re all just scientists anyways, right?” I think not.

That kind of thinking can severely limit your creativity and overall output.

Even as audio engineers, we are still working with music, which makes us in part musicians. Our instrument is the tools we use to make music – whether it is a simple Pro Tools rig or a full Neve VR.

A scientist follows the same procedure over and over, looking for a desired result. Even though it may be that way for engineers from time to time, we have way more flexibility than that!

We can do just about whatever we like – there’s no set rules to follow (ok, there’s a *few* set rules;). But when we focus on thinking like this, we will actually start creating more of the same and less of the new and interesting music we love.

So the next time you feel like you’re trapped in a formulaic situation, remind yourself that you’re in fact a musician – figure out a new way to use your tools to create and show off your artistry.

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