Your next studio computer is a…Mac Mini?

Our friend Lynn Fuston has been torture testing some of the new Mac Minis with various Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis, and deemed them an incredible replacement for previous generations of studio computers.

I’ll throw in a caveat here. We love the mini’s. If you’re just doing lots of audio tracks, and even quite a few plugins, it’s a bang-for-the-buck value proposition that’s hard to deny.

But if you’re a HEAVY Soft Synth user or you love to throw CPU hungry plugins on every track? Yeah. Our in-studio tests haven’t fared as well.

So how about you? What’s YOUR next studio computer going to be?


2 thoughts on “Your next studio computer is a…Mac Mini?”

    • 🙂 Nice. We’re about 60/40 here, Mac to Windows. Not gonna lie, I started looking around pretty hard after the apple/final cut x debacle.
      While I’ve *heard* from reputable sources the next Logic is pretty killer, several of us are digging into Cubase and Studio One…though we and most of the pro studios in Nashville still run Pro Tools as a primary. What’s your DAW preference currently John?

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