Working with EQ in Mastering

EQ is an important tool in just about every stage of the process – but it can be especially useful when used in mastering.

If you’ve ever used EQ in the mastering process, you know the value of using the *right* type of EQ – that is, an EQ that allows you to make very broad adjustments to the overall tone. This is usually possible with a parametric EQ, as the “Q” is variable in these plug-ins.

So which EQ should you use to master with? Well, the truth is that you’ve got a lot of choices. Even your basic parametric EQ that comes inside your DAW will work, though it may be somewhat limiting. If you’re looking for flexibility, you’ll want one of the big ones. My two favorites are Voxengo Curve EQ and iZotope Ozone 5.

Voxengo makes some great products, but apparently not great product videos. 🙂 The only tutorial on their product was five years old and in Arabic.

iZotope is quite the opposite, with new videos coming out all the time. Check out Dean’s review of the EQ section here:

As you can see, these EQs add a lot of flexibility to your choices when mastering, and if you’re ready to take the next step, this might be a good place to look!

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