Why You Should Invest In a Good Amp Model

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It’s a touchy subject for guitarists of all genres – to use amp models or to use the “real thing.”

Some of the greatest guitarists love their vintage amps and classic pedals, other love their ElevenRack. It depends on the guitarist.

But if you’re trying to get great sounds in your home studio, there’s something you need to have. That’s right, a good amp model. Here’s why.

Even though we all love how a real amp sounds and feels, there are simply things you cannot do with it that an amp model can provide. For example, changing the sound of a distortion requires you to either plan ahead and record direct, ultimately having to reamp your tracks later on, or to completely re-record the part. Which is never fun.

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This gives us an incredible amount of flexibility and control over our sound as we produce the track. What sounds good at the start may not work best after we’ve layered our tracks and gotten good vocals recorded. Touching up your distortions after the fact can really make your production a lot smoother.

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That’s right – no need to wish upon a shooting star the next time you need that jazz guitar tone when you only have an Orange amp. This opens up so many opportunities for creative thinking in your productions, ultimately making you a better and more creative producer.

This isn’t to say that amps don’t have their place. They do. And you can use them in your productions and create amazing tracks. But their limiting. Having an amp model at your fingertips opens up so many doors.

We go pretty in-depth on how to use amp models really effectively in Nashville Demo Production v2. Check it out here!

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