Why You Need To Release Your Recordings

Do you release your recordings? Put them on a website, Facebook page, or even distribute them digitally? Maybe even make physical copies?

If you don’t, you should seriously consider doing it. Not only is it cool to get to share your work with friends, family, and strangers, there are actually some incredible benefits to doing it.

Benefits that will even improve your recordings. In fact, it is safe to say that – if you plan to release your recordings – you’ll be making better music than ever before.

Why is that? For a few different reasons – these three in particular:

1. Setting a release date makes you accountable to actually finish something. If you’ve had problems with putting the lid on projects before, nothing will push you the extra step like setting a release date.

2. You will be much more critical. This is the big one. If you know that you’re the only one that will ever listen to your music, you’re likely to listen with a much more lenient ear. This is actually harmful for your recordings, however, because they need to be scrutinized, pushed, prodded, and worked into place in order to make them good. When you know that other people will be listening to it, you’re likely to be more critical, making even better decisions.

3. You’re going to get better at using reference tracks. When you release your music, you’re probably going to play it next to your favorite tracks to see how it compares. This alone is valuable, as it will show you what’s great and what needs to be worked on. But repeatedly comparing your mixes to other commercial recordings has many more benefits – ultimately, you’ll be making even better recordings faster.

So there you have it – releasing your music will help you get better at recording. And when you do release your music, send us a link so we can check it out!

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