Why You Need Honest Friends As An Audio Engineer

Good friends are important in life. But good friends are essential as an audio engineer.

There’s no substitute for the types of things that real, honest friends can give you as an audio engineer.

We’re going to outline some of the key reasons why you need these people, how to find them, and how to help them out and be an honest friend to them as well.

And believe it or not, your productions will get better as a result.

The first reason you need good friends as an audio engineer is that they can inspire you to make even better art. Sometimes we get saturated and run out of ideas. But just listening to another audio engineer’s projects or thoughts can spark a great idea for your own music. This is one of the best ways to get out of a rut.

The second reason you need these people in your life is so that you can get good, honest feedback. We’ve talked about the importance of feedback before on this blog, and it truly helps you get better. It needs to be honest, however, or it isn’t work anything. That’s why you need good friends, not just acquaintances.

The final reason you should have these folks around is so that they can support you in your projects. It’s easy to get discouraged midway through a big project, but having a good friend at your side will give you the support you need to finish it out and make your masterpiece. We all get stuck, but these folks can help us along the way.

It’s clear that we need these people in our life, but how can we find them? I grew up in a small town where I was pretty much the only guy around who was into audio. And that might be the case for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have good audio friends.

You can find them through internet forums and Facebook groups. Just reach out and offer to swap some criticism of each others productions. You might not find a friend right away, but do this several times and you’ll strike up some good conversations.

People like you love to talk about audio, so striking up a conversation shouldn’t be too hard.

But what can you do to be sure to reciprocate and keep the friendship alive?

Be sure to offer to critique any new work your friend wants to share. Give honest, supportive feedback. Don’t just point out the good things, but offer insight into what can make it even better.

If you do these things, you’ll be sure to make better productions and have someone great to share them with!


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