Who Wants a Free Plug-in???

Interested in free stuff? We always are.

That’s why we’re super excited every time Native-Instruments puts out a free plug-in. They’ve done it before with Driver, and luckily they’ve done it again with a new Tube Compressor Emulator.

Visit this link to grab your free copy – only until December 31st, 2013!

With this awesome piece of software, you’ll be amazed at what you can do. After testing it out on a few different tracks, here’s what we found:

My favorite use for this compressor is on the drum bus. It’s great because you can determine how “wet” or “dry” the output signal is, allowing you to “parallel compress” your overall drum bus. The dirt button can add some seriously awesome harmonic distortion to your overall drum bus, and is incredible for electronic music. It also adds some nice presence to a rock kit!

After playing around on the drum bus, I moved it over to the snare track. It is amazing what this plug-in can do on the snare. The dirt button is almost a necessity – after hearing it without the harmonic distortion, you’ll wonder how you were ever happy with that sound.

I then got a little crazy and tried it out on vocals. Although I’m not as much of a fan as I was on the drums, it’s still a cool sound. It might sound really great on a pop vocal track.

Bass was the next logical step, and I was pleasantly surprised. Again, not quite as cool as the drums, but definitely a good option!

Try this plug out and let us know what you like to use it on!


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