Audio Interface Choices. Choices, choices, choices.

So we finally did it. After months of deliberation, we’ve swapped out the Pro Control and HD2 system in Studio A, and gone to….

new console

Well, we’re just not sure. Part of it was easy. The Pro Control was an awesome board, but it was always limited to just using Pro Tools.

Frankly, while we’re still primarily a Pro Tools shop, we were getting plenty of requests for covering new DAW’s, and thus, needed a new console. So we went with the beautiful Malone Design Works Desk and a slew of the Avid Artist Mixes.

It’s a great setup and seems to be running well, but one issue we haven’t landed on yet is the new computer and interface.

For the time being our head engineer Chris has brought in his monster PC and RME interface, but we’ve been looking hard at whether Apple is going to follow through on it’s promise to release a new Mac Pro, and we’ve also been looking hard at this little Apollo beauty below.

So what do you think? Any RME Fans or Apollo fans up to swaying Multi-Platinum one way or the other? Let us know via email or in the comments below.

Make a really convincing case and we’ll send the most convincing pitch a sweet discount on their most coveted Multi-Platinum series.


Universal Audio’s popular high-resolution Apollo interface is souped up with Apollo 16. The new interface features 16-in, 16-out interfacing over firewire, and thunderbolt (via and optional expansion card) with UAD signal processing.¬†Two units can also be cascaded to provide 32 inputs and 32 outputs simultaneously.

via News – Universal Audio Apollo 16 (Video).

One thought on “Audio Interface Choices. Choices, choices, choices.”

  1. I would have to say, go for the Apollo. I have been an Apollo owner for two years now. I use it everyday and its performance is excellent. And you can definitely hear a a difference in sound quality of the mix compared to other interfaces I have used. And customer service is A1 even for general questions about the routing and software.

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