What’s Your View?

I came across an interesting article the other day and it really made me think about things in the studio. The article was about the view from your office and was featured on lifehacker.com.

“It doesn’t have to be some breathtaking vista, but having something to look at other than your office itself can put you in a better frame of mind and give you that little push to keep on working. We’d like to see your view.”

Read the entire article (and see all the posts of people’s amazing views) here.

Even though you can have some pretty killer views out an office window, I would have to argue that we have the best view in the world – our studios.

Have you ever thought about how much your workspace affects your performance when you’re recording? I hadn’t paid much attention to it for a while, but have recently been in the habit of creating a good working atmosphere. I play around with the lighting (depending on what I’m working on – matching the lights to the music), add fresh scents (candles, etc.), and even just be sure to clean up my area before trying to get into a creative mindset. The number of dirty dishes from meals spent at the mixing desk starts to accumulate over time, and is quite honestly not the most attractive thing to look at.

Try to make your view as positive as possible in your workspace. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for your creativity. I am always more creative and more productive when I take a few minutes to make my studio look good before diving into a project.

Also, if you’d like to show off your view, feel free! 🙂

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