What You Need To Learn From Film To Help Your Songwriting and Productions

With all the buzz from the Oscars, we’ve all been thinking and hearing about movies lately.

And the truth is that movies – at their core – aren’t that different from songs. Great movies and great songs have a lot in common.

If you ask yourself this simple question of comparison – you’ll know whether or not the song your working on is destined for greatness. You can even learn what to do to add that professional feel to your songs.

The similarity? It’s all in the story. And your songwriting – as well as your producing – should reflect it.

Great movies always have a great story. In fact, it’s what makes us connect with the characters and feel the emotion. It’s a must in the film world – but we don’t always translate that to the music world.

Go back and listen to your favorite songs. There’s a chance that both the songwriting and the production tell a story. Whether it’s a masterpiece like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody or a modern hit like Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, there’s always an element of story woven into the music and writing. It’s what makes us connect and feel what the music is saying.

Here’s some ideas for implementing the necessary element of story into your writing and production:

1) Create interest in your writing by adding details to your writing.

2) Make sure that your song starts at point A and ends at point B. Your character should experience a change over time, not just stay the same. Making the last chorus slightly different from the rest can help achieve this.

3) Reflect the story in your production. Add elements as the story gets more powerful and take them away when you need a more intimate scene. In much the same way as film scorers do, make the music fit and showcase the story.

Keep your focus on the story, and you’ll be sure to make music that people can connect to.

One thought on “What You Need To Learn From Film To Help Your Songwriting and Productions”

  1. As a longtime songwriter, novelist, and poet, I couldn’t agree more about the power of story. Movies are often inspirations for great songs and vice-versa. And although I agree that great production is also important (oh if what I hear in my head could be captured), I also think that great songs can stand alone, with simply an instrument and a vocal.

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