What You Can Learn From Sound Designers to Make Better Productions

Sound designers do a pretty incredible job. They take ordinary sounds and turn them into other worldly sonic experiences.

My favorite sounds are usually in video games. They have some many cool textures and the interactivity is frankly amazing.

But the most interesting thing is that all of the sounds used had to originate in some much more “natural” way. Whether with a sample recorded with a microphone or through a synthesizer. To a sound designer, anything can be turned into a cool sound effect. And if you started thinking like a sound designer, I’m positive that your productions will improve and become more interesting.

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Sound designers know the importance of layering sounds. Music producers can often hear a sound and fall in love with it, not realizing that it could be even better with a few more layers.

Slamming doors, thumping microphones, a sub bass synth, an 808, and a snare drum sample can blend perfectly into an alien explosion. What does it take to do this? Finding the right balance. It’s all about creating a single sound. If you don’t strike the right balance, it will sound disjointed.

The same goes for layering snare drums and finding the best balance between a few different samples. Spending the time to make it sound like a single great snare drum will result in a much tighter production.

This helps with guitar layers as well. You can use four or five guitars to create a single part, and if layered correctly, you’ll get a massive sound.

When layering, you’ll need to just spend time getting a good balance. You can also compress all of the sounds together (through a single aux bus) in order to smooth it out a little bit.

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