What an SSD Can Do For Your System

Are you tired of a slow performing computer? Nothing is worse – I can assure you – than trying to work on a machine that is just…too…..slow…..

But what can you do? If you’re not in the position to drop thousands on a new machine and dump the old, but still want to have a better machine to work with for your audio projects, the solution might be (relatively) simple.


Solid State Drive.

They’re fast, they’re incredible, and they’re life savers.

And until now, they’ve been almost out of reach for most budgets. But luckily the price is starting to drop. Check this out.

So what can these drives really do for your machine? If you’re running on a 7200 rpm drive (or worse yet, a 5400 rpm drive), you’ll notice an insane improvement in read and write speeds. If you’ve got your OS and programs installed on it, you’ll be able to open your apps much faster. Storing documents there just adds to the improvement.

If you’ve got the capability to upgrade your machine, then for just a few hundred dollars, you’ll be able to upgrade to lightening speeds. (And just about every machine can be upgraded. Most PC’s and even Mac’s can do it.) You can find some great tutorials/walk-throughs on YouTube as well, similar to this:

So what do you think? Thinking of making the upgrade? As long as you’re careful, you won’t be sorry!


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