Want To Build Your Own Headphone Amplifier?

Do you like building stuff? Do you like bass? Combine the two in one fun weekend project!

“The Bass Bump Headphone Amp is an audio accessory you can build to improve all of your private music listening. It has enough power to give clear sound and punchy dynamics through most any pair of headphones, or even a set of small speakers. The custom bass enhancement circuit lets you boost the music’s critical low-frequency spectrum to your taste. It sounds better than the headphone driver circuits in most smartphones and MP3 players because it has a lower source impedance and much higher drive current. This means the sound from your headphones is unaffected by factors like long cables or impedance mismatches. All of the parts come from RadioShack, right down to the rechargeable battery and external charger. Build one and you’ll hear the difference right away.” – makezine.com

Thanks to the good folks at makezine.com, you can build your own headphone amplifier with some pretty cool features. I wouldn’t necessarily call it an easy project, but it might be fun to do if you like DIY projects! Check out the overview video here:

Let us know if you decided to build one! We’d love to hear about your experience!

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