Want Better Vocal Tone? Try This Simple Trick!

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In just about any style of modern music, the vocal is the most important part of the production.

But it’s also one of the hardest parts to get just right.

Sometimes they sound thin. Sometimes they’re lifeless. But this simple trick will give you even more control over your vocals, ultimately allowing you to add just the right amount of tone.

First, you need to duplicate your vocal track. Slightly compress the original, and apply just a little EQ to roll off everything below, say, 80 Hz.

Then, on the duplicated track, compress it heavily. Add EQ to boost the warm frequencies – around 250 – 600 Hz.

Neither is going to sound great by itself. But blend them together and you’ll have vocal magic.

This technique, which is just a slight variation on parallel compression, will allow you to have more control over how much tone (the compressed, boosted low-mid frequency track) or how much clarity (the original track) you want. This is important when you’re fighting for the right balance.

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Also, you’ll be able to change this through out the mix. By automating the tracks to give you a changing balance, you’ll be able to have more clarity in the verses and a bigger, bolder tone in the choruses. This is a great way to develop your mix and add interest in the vocal part.

So try this trick out on your next mix and be blown away by your vocals.

2 thoughts on “Want Better Vocal Tone? Try This Simple Trick!”

  1. I just executed a similar approach with a client who was blown away by the results. Only I simultaneously tracked him through a standard lightly compressed LDC and an uber compressed sm57. Great blend. Great tip!

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