Want a New Logic Pro X Theme?

New Logic Skin ScreenshotHow about something like this? I had just heard about some new Chrome themes (this one’s pretty cool), and thought to myself – “what if I could do that to my DAW?” I like the flexibility that Digital Performer (among other DAWs) gives you when it comes to changing the skin of the DAW – you can make it look like the music you’re making, which can really help the creative juices flow. (Try typing a creative paper on Windows 95 Word. Then try it in Apple’s Pages. The look can definitely make a difference.)

But after looking around a little bit, I was sort of shocked to find that there isn’t really a way to truly customize most DAWs like Logic and Pro Tools (at least in their menus.) So I took the search elsewhere.

Eventually, I found something pretty cool (on gearslutz.com of all places!) Lee Wilson started a thread about new Logic Themes, with a theme he created himself and instructions on how to install it. Awesome. Here’s the basics:

1. Navigate through Finder to the folder called “A”

Applications -> Logic Pro X (right-click and “Show Package Contents”) -> Contents -> Frameworks -> MAResources.framework -> Versions -> A

2. Inside “A” there is a folder called Resources. Option-drag this to your desktop in order to keep the original as a backup (in case you want to revert back.) This is critical. Be sure to do it. Please do it. Save it to a thumbdrive. Do it.

3. Rename the backup on your desktop, harddrive, cloude, and thumbdrive ‘Original Resources’

4. Download the new theme here (thanks Lee Wilson!)

5. Copy the files into the “Resources” folder in the “A” folder and hit replace when asked! There you have it! A whole new world!

Have fun with your new skin! Before you try it, however, be sure to take a backup just in case! I’ve done this and it works flawlessly – but just be careful!

Here’s my favorite parts of the new look – what are yours?

PT 11 Faders

A lighter overall color scheme

The cool pan knobs!

Easier to view the ruler at the top


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