Virtual Consoles: Fan or Pan?

Many of the Multi-Platinum.com producers started their careers in the waning days of analog, or the birth of the digital revolution.

A couple weeks ago, we were honored to have Graham Cochrane with therecordingrevolution.com hanging out in the studio, where a long discussion/debate of the virtues of console emulators came around.

virtual consoles

The consensus was that Steven Slate has once again found some pretty great programmers to create his VCC collection, and it’s being used on most things coming out of Multi-Platinum Studio A, and Grahams studio as well.

But, I’ll be honest, we haven’t heard much about this from you guys. Are any of you actively using virtual console plugins (slate or otherwise), or is it a passing fad with a touch of nostalgia?

Check out the great article from Sound On Sound below and send us your thoughts.

Can the failings of mixing in software really be solved by buying more software? That’s the claim Slate Digital are making for their Virtual Console Collection.

via Slate VCC.

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