Using Time To Get Great Drums That Sound Realistic In The Box

There’s a myth in the world of recording – great drum sounds only come from great drummers in great studios. While these things never hurt, it’s not the only way to get awesome sounding drums in your productions.

We’ve mentioned before about how to best go about learning the basics of drumming and even shared some ideas on how to get killer drum sounds, (and of course we go through how the pros get amazing drums in and out of the box in our training series), but this one specific tip will help you create insanely realistic productions in the box, and it takes almost no time to do.

What’s the tip? Use time. When we’re talking about time in this sense, we’re talking about milliseconds. Time that we can’t even perceive – but overall, the impact is incredible.

The best way to achieve this is to use the “randomize” function in your DAWs MIDI editor. Usually it’s measured in percentages, and 10% might be a good place to start. What this is doing is shifting each MIDI hit randomly off the grid. It takes a sterile, non-human performance and makes it groove.

So try this out on your productions – you’ll be amazed at what this can do right off the bat. But don’t be too satisfied with your first try – work with the numbers in your DAW to get the best, most life like performance.

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