Using “The Other Room” Trick To Get Better Mixes

Ok – so you’re looking for a way to get better mixes the first time around? Try this tip out!

Dean Palya Jr wrote about using this while mixing on his blog.

“It’s easy. Simply turn on your mix, walk out of the room, and leave the door cracked open ever so slightly. And listen. You’ll be amazed at how clearly you’re able to hear that your mix is either completely unbalanced or perfectly harmonious.

This trick works best when you’re trying to get vocals to sit well, so try it on that! I always am happier with my mixes when I do this, and I’d love to know if it helps you out at all!” – deanpalyajr.com

He seems pretty confident that it works – have you tried this trick at all? Let us know if it works for you, and if you’ve got any other whacky tricks to try! We love to hear about them!

Check out the whole article here.

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