Up Close and Personal

Bugs are creepy. Why are we (sometimes) so afraid of them? They’re tiny in comparison to us, and many times we don’t even know they are there! They only seem to bother us when we know they’re around.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 11.06.29 AM

I was just reading through some posts on Bloomberg Businessweek the other day and came across a really cool photo blog – check it out here:


While these pics are extremely cool, they’re also a bit frightening – especially if you don’t like bugs in the first place!

So what do these cool pics have to do with making music? I like to think about these pics as a way to look at a final mix of a song. Here’s why I say such an outrageous thing:

When you’re working through a mix, you’re often times dealing with many, many, many tracks. (As you can see in some of our training videos here). If you were to zoom up (or solo out) each and every track, you may not be too pleased with what you hear. It may even scare you. But as a whole, the mix might sound fine! Just the same way that these bugs are extremely creepy when you get up close and personal, but they don’t seem nearly as scary when you see them buzzing around out the window.

So here’s the point – when you’re mixing, don’t zoom too far in and lose focus of your mix. Worry more about the blend of the tracks rather than the sound of each individual track. This will really help you to see the big picture and not waste time trying to make each of the 200 tracks sound perfect when soloed out. Because the fact is that no one (most likely) will ever hear the soloed tracks of your mix. The most they’ll probably hear is a stem of about 20 or so tracks – so don’t waste time perfecting each track and disregarding the balance of the tracks.

If you do this, I’m sure you’ll be able to reach a final mix much faster and with much less stress!

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