Unpaid Intern Lawsuits: What Every Studio Owner Should Know

A lot of us utilize interns in our studio facilities… and here in Nashville, it’s an entire subculture.

While many studios in our area try to provide structured learning opportunities for our studio interns,  it definitely helps that our studios are located withing minutes of the largest audio engineering universities in the world (hello Belmont & MTSU).

But what about you? Are you running the risk of a studio-closing class action lawsuit?

One thing we’ve heard regularly is studio owners using the Multi-Platinum videos (aw shucks:) to bring their interns up to speed on skills & techniques, then paying those interns minimum wage to start the pocketing, tuning or pre-mixing process.

How about you? What structured training systems have you developed for your interns so you can stay completely legal?


2 thoughts on “Unpaid Intern Lawsuits: What Every Studio Owner Should Know”

    • Belmont has 1,950 students in their Music Business/Audio 4 year degree program, and MTSU has 1,750 in theirs.
      What university programs do you know of with significantly more than that?
      I guess in your defense though, I was not aware of how established the Nursing program at Case Western was until my wife went to school there, so it’s a fair question. 🙂

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