The Ultimate EDM Mastering Chain

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The Ultimate EDM Mastering Chain

If you're producing electronic music in any of its different styles, you need to check out our course "The Ultimate EDM Mastering Chain". This course is for you no matter if you're using any of the main DAWs out there like Ableton, Bitwig, Logic, or Pro Tools. It's for anyone wanting to take their electronic music production to the next level. 

What you'll learn:

In these five videos, master producer Falcone walks you through the master bus processing on one of his tracks. You'll learn some incredible ways to get big amazing sounding tracks with all of the feels, and without completely squashing your tracks. He shows you how to build tracks that have a great, loud, commercial, competitive volume that also deliver heart pounding energy. He walks you through new ideas, tips and tricks, and some of his go to plugins for the master bus. In the first video alone, you'll be blown away by the massive difference you hear when Falcone bypasses his master bus chain. 

The battle: 

At Multi-Platinum, we know it's a battle to try to get as much level as possible out of your tracks without exploding your master fader. We're here to help you achieve the best produced, mixed, and mastered tracks and we think this Ultimate EDM Master Chain video course will take you there! 

James & the Multi-Platinum team. 

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