Turn Down That Noise!!!

Are you sick of all that unwanted noise in your recordings?

It can be one of the fastest give-aways to an amateur recording – unwanted noise. And it can be (in most cases) easily avoidable. But how?

SoundOnSound.com has a great list of 20 tips to reduce noise in recordings. Check out the full list here!

Here’s my favorite tip – even though it wasn’t highlighted:

“12. Not all noise is electrical! When you’re working with real musicians playing acoustic instruments, most noise problems tend to be acoustic. Here you need to pay attention to sound leaking in from outside (such as traffic noise), machinery or appliances elsewhere in the building, and, of course, noise from the players themselves” -soundonsound.com

A lot of times, the environment can be the problem. Finding good times during the day to record (while things are quiet) or even recording in a different room might significantly lower your room noise.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.11.37 PMSometimes, it’s even the musician (gasp). Unwanted clicks on the acoustic guitar strings, heavy breathing, etc. can all lead to unwanted noise. So if this is a problem, try to catch it during recording so you can grab a few takes without the noise!

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