Tracking Techniques – Part 1

Since we just finished up our series on the secrets to space in your productions, it’s time to start a new series. This time, however, we’re going to be talking about tracking techniques for your productions.

It may not seem like a super important thing to discuss, but it can actually have a huge impact on many aspects of your recording. Let’s dive in to the reasons why your tracking techniques are so vitally important:

First, we have to understand what tracking really is. Tracking, when it comes to recording music, is the stage of the production process where each instrument and part is played and recorded. Some people differentiate between “tracking” and “overdubbing,” but in today’s world, these are basically becoming the same thing.

With that understanding, let’s move on to see why it’s important to have a pocket full of tracking techniques when it comes to making your own recordings.

1. Without good tracking techniques, you’ll never get good enough sound to make your mixes good. Period.

2. Choosing the wrong method of tracking can completely mess up an otherwise amazing song.

3. Working with your room and space is vital when it comes to tracking and making your productions sound better. Learning how to work with what you have is key.

4. The mood of a tracking session is quite possibly the most important decision of all – with a tense room comes tense recordings.

So now that we know why tracking technique is so important, let’s go ahead and lay out what we’re going to be discussing. We’re going to go through the four main points above and learn the ways to improve our tracking technique. We’ll talk about how to make sure you’re getting good sounding tracks, choosing the right method for your particular song or project, working with the space you have available, and setting the perfect mood for your sessions. Learn all of these tips, tricks, and techniques in the weeks to come. See you soon!


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