The Ultimate Music Programming Combo – Ableton Live & Push

Ableton Live and push for music programming

Ableton Live & Push for music programming:

I discovered Ableton Live after having been a long time Pro Tools user. The interface seemed more intuitive and encouraged "in-the-moment" creation in a way no other DAW had achieved yet. 

Flexibility, simplicity, and workflow:

I worked in the studio for a producer at a second computer running pro tools during live tracking sessions. I'd compose parts and sounds on our 2nd music programming station while the session musicians tracked right next to me. After a couple hours hands on with session view in Ableton, I completely switched over. It gave me flexibility and drastically increased my workflow. Also, it made it easier than ever to loop and work on certain sections of the song quickly so I could feed parts over to the main tracking computer. 

A hands on approach:

The studio got a Push as soon as it was released. I immediately felt freed up to be creative in a way never before experienced on a traditional midi keyboard controller or Maschine inside Ableton. Push made composing much faster, and made editing and sculpting sounds way more fun. I quickly got attached to being hands on with adding live effects and tweaking instruments and samples. And for the first time in a long time, I felt like I was playing a real instrument again. If you've never tried out Ableton Live or Push I'd highly recommend it. Drastically improve your production and programming skills with Ableton + Push. There's never been a better time especially with the release of Ableton Live 10 in early 2018. 

If you already own Ableton and push, what's been the biggest way you use it on a daily basis? If you already own Ableton and/or push, dive in deeper with The Ultimate Snare Riser or The Ultimate EDM Mastering Chain. 

James & the Multi-Platinum team. 

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