The Secret to a Smooth EP Master

When you’re mastering a single track, it can be challenging – but nowhere near as challenging as master an EP or album.

With a single track, you’ve got to make sure it sounds balanced, even, and commercially competitive. But with a collection of songs, you’ve got to make sure they sound good together.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but one technique seems to be the most consistent across the board:

Choose a “reference” master. And no, we’re not talking about a commercial reference track.

A commercial reference track is a must-have when mixing and mastering. It’s a great tool for both to be able to compare your tracks to those of the pros. But when we talk about choosing a “reference” master, we’re talking about something a little different.

A reference master is a track on the EP or album that you are going to use to balance all of the other songs. It’s the “go-to” mix on the EP.

A lot of inexperienced mastering engineers will try to bounce around and make tweaks here and there, trying to level everything as they go along.

This is like throwing one hundred pennies in the air and trying to get them all to land in a stack. It just isn’t possible to get them nearly as tight.

With a reference master, you’re able to get one track to sound awesome, then you move on to the next. For this track, you’re trying to make it sounds awesome and similar to the reference master.

This is like stacking one penny at a time – much easier to get a neat, clean stack.

There are some problems you might run into with this, especially with differently produced tracks and ballads. They get a bit more complicated, but certainly can apply to this method.

We go over all of the details and break it down for you in our newest course, EP Mastering with Ozone. In this course, we focus on the techniques used when putting together an entire EP. We start with 5 different mixes and turn them into a solid master. Not using Ozone? No problem – you can use just about any set of plug-ins to get a great sounding master using the techniques, tips, and tricks in this course!


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It’s one thing to dial in a great sounding master for a single song. It’s another thing to dial in a well-balanced, even sound for all of the songs on an EP or album.

How do you match levels and make sure your tracks will flow smoothly from one to the next? What are the best ways to compare songs and listen to them back to back? How do you apply all of the different types of processing needed to make your master stand out?

In Mastering an EP with Ozone, we answer all of these questions – and many more. With over 4 hours of clear, detailed videos, you’ll be on your way to great masters.

In this course, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • how to use a Reference Master to make your project more cohesive
  • how to apply EQ to make slight, yet important, adjustments to a mix
  • how to use dynamics processing to “squeeze” your mix while maintaining a good dynamic range
  • how to create a more exciting master using an exciter
  • how to spread out your master effectively using a stereo imager
  • how to use a second round of EQ to polish off the track
  • how to get competitive levels and overall output using a mastering limiter
  • how to achieve a smooth sound from one song to the next
  • and much, much more…

When you join this course, you’ll download the full-res mix files of a 5-track EP to work with, as well as the final Ozone 6 Project File, including all of the settings for the project. Work with us step-by-step from scratch and pick apart the throught process that goes into each adjustment along the way.

The EP we’ll be working with has a great modern sound and a full range of challenges that you face when mastering every day. With everything from a full pop track to a stripped-down piano ballad, this EP is the perfect place to learn how to make just about any two mixes fit well together on a single release.

Not using Ozone 6? No problem! All of the techniques and tips in this course easily apply to ANY home studio setup. Whether you’re using the stock plug-ins in your DAW, a previous version of Ozone, or any other third party plug-ins, you’ll be learning the fundamental skills and advanced techniques required to make great sounding masters with any equipment.

When you join this course, you’ll get instant access to:

  • over 4 hours of information-filled videos detailing the process from start to finish
  • the original hi-res mix files to practice with and the full Ozone 6 project file session
  • all quizzes included to help you better understand and retain the information
  • the discussion board so that you can discuss the course with fellow engineers and the instructor
  • lifetime access, 24/7

As always, this course comes with the Multi-Platinum Guarantee: if you don’t see an improvement in your skills after taking this course, your money back, no questions asked.

Aren’t you sick of your tracks not sounding quite as “polished” or “pro” as your favorite commercial records? Change that with “Mastering an EP with Ozone 6” today!

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