The Powerful MixConsole in Cubase

Cubase 7.5 has some pretty powerful features – but one of my favorites is the MixConsole.

Why do I like it so much? Two reasons.

For one, it is smart. It has a great layout and is easy to tell where signal is going and where it is coming from. With the ability to color your faders based on the type of track, it becomes easier to know what you’re looking at.

When I say that it is smart, I’m talking about how it is designed. It not only looks incredible, but it work exactly how you think it should. When an FX track is added, it becomes an option to send to it and is easy to see. When you want to add another plug-in, it makes room while still only keeping one extra slot open, which keeps your screen uncluttered.

The other reason I like the MixConsole so much?

The built in Cubase plug-ins and effects. They’re pretty incredible, really.

They sound great and are easy to use. You can swap out different compressors, limits, and even tape emulators to get exactly the sound you’re going for on each track.

The best part is that they can be easily accessed from the MixConsole window without having to open and close a bunch of plug-in windows. This can make your workflow that much smoother, cutting down mix time and giving you more creative control.

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