The Need For New Instruments

Ever thought about the impact that new instruments can have on the music we create? Or maybe how important new technology is in our productions?

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of new musical instruments in history. The piano’s dynamic range allowed for a subtlety in composition previously unimagined. The modern drum set paved the way for jazz. Rock and roll would not have happened without the electric guitar. As composer Edgard Varese put it in 1936, ‘It is because new instruments have been constantly added to the old ones that Western music has such a rich and varied patrimony.'” -theatlantic.com

I could not have said it better myself – this article from theatlantic.com talks about the importance of new instruments, as well as the difficulty that they face in becoming popularly used to create new music.

With that being said – how can we create better music knowing this? By trying to think about new ways we can use our existing tools to create sound. We’ve used reverb for a long time to create a realistic sense of space. But imagine if you used reverb as a tool to create a completely new sound – as some have done successfully. The results can be amazing.

So try it out – maybe even seek out some new instruments to use in your productions. It may be the beginning of something great!

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