The Making of a Pop Danthology

This takes talent. And a lot of it!

When looking around for some great pop mashups, we came across this video on YouTube:

The mix and parts were put together extremely well in this mashup, and Daniel Kim even explains how he goes about putting together a project like this – which is extremely interesting!

“Once a year, I try to make a seamless musical mix (“mash-up”) of the year’s top pop songs. This is not a quick and easy thing to do. Making a mash-up is like completing a huge puzzle (not every piece goes together). Fortunately, my brain was made for these kinds of puzzles. The whole process takes me about three whole months.”


Be sure to check out his article on how he goes through this process and makes a “danthology”!

You can also pick up a lot of tips on electronic dance music from DJ Stryke here! Check out his video to learn even more about creating amazing dance tracks from the ground up!

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