The Liner Notes And Credits: Learning From Them

Let’s say you love to play basketball. You play pickup games at the park, participate in a 3-on-3 league, and even coach your son’s team. You’ve started working on your shooting form and are getting pretty good. Your teammates are impressed – and after a game winning shot, a friend yells out “Way to go, Michael!” You look confused, because your name is Jerry, and he surely knows your name…

Even a non-sports enthusiast could put that one together – he was referring to Michael Jordan’s ability to always pull through at the last moment in clutch situations. But can you imagine if you’d never heard of MJ? Never seen him play? Imagine what you could learn from him just from watching a few old tapes!

It’s the same thing when it comes to producing and mixing. Although it’s not likely that someone will call you out on it, it’s amazing what you miss out on by not knowing who really created the music that inspires you and guides your artistry as a producer or mix engineer. Dean Palya Jr wrote this on his blog not too long ago:

“By knowing who engineered what tracks or who produced which artists, you can start to pick up on their personal stylings and overall ‘sound’. Almost every professional has a certain ‘sound’ that they have created over the years, and learning the styling of your favorite engineer or producer can really help you develop and become a more keen observer.” – deanpalyajr.com

This is so important because it will help you make so many connections between your favorite songs, albums, or even genres. You can also start to figure out what makes your style unique and how you can develop that.

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