The Key to a Smooth Session – Better Tracks Guaranteed

Think back to your last session. How did it go?

There are two probable answers to that question. One is that it went perfectly – without a hitch.

The other, and sadly the more common, is that it was kind of a disaster. Things just didn’t happen as they were supposed to.

Don’t worry – even if the latter is your answer to this question, these tips will help you never have one of those days again!

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[wc_heading type=”h1″ title=”It’s all about the planning.” text_align=”left”]


As with just about anything in life, you need to make sure you have a solid plan before starting any recording session. Are you going to finish the drum track in three hours? If so, be sure to pace yourself and make sure that you’re on target.

Don’t make unrealistic plans! Don’t tell yourself that you’ll complete an entire album in two full-day sessions. You might get it done, but it probably won’t sound too great.

When planning, be sure to plan for the unexpected – build in “troubleshooting” time (usually another 10% longer than you would have finished something). This will make sure you’re on time no matter what.

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Don’t forget the setup! If you forget to plan for this, you might be looking at a very disappointing Pro Tools session at the end of the night.

Take a little extra time to set up. As long as your musicians are on point, this will actually make your recording process go faster. You won’t be stopping to fix things and having to redo them. Just get them right the first time and you’ll be in great shape.

So try those two tips out on your next session. Need more practice? No problem. Become a Multi-Platinum Member today and get access to ~1,000 videos that will make you a better engineer. Guaranteed.

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