The Importance of a Portfolio

As you have probably realized, a portfolio is a pretty important thing to have when it comes to getting gigs recording, engineering, producing, or performing with people. But why? Let’s think through a simple scenario to see why it’s so important to have a good portfolio:

Imagine you’re buying your first brand new car. You’ve been saving up for a while, trying to get every last mile out of your old, beat up vehicle. Now that you’re ready to make the purchase, you decide to go to your local dealership to shop around. Let’s say you’re in the market for a Lamborghini. (We can all dream, right?)

When you get to the dealership, you strike up a conversation with the friendly car salesman, and you ask if you could test drive a few of the cars to see which one fits you best.

“No, but we promise we’ll get you in a great car. We’ll even knock a little off the price!” says the salesman. You are absolutely shocked, and since you care too much about this decision not to test drive, you have decided to head across the street to the Volkswagen dealership. (Settling for a Bugatti might not be so bad after all. 🙂 )



All this to say that if people can’t get a feel for what product you’re trying to offer them, they are not very likely to invest. Much like purchasing a new car, artists hold their music, songs, and art extremely close to the chest, and only want the best for it.

It’s very important to have something to show a potential client that puts your best foot forward – and a portfolio full of great sounding tracks that you have produced, mixed, etc. can really do the trick!

Check out some of these training videos, where you can get just that! Not only are you getting to work through the series and improve your skills, but you’re getting a great portfolio piece that you can share with clients.

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