The Exciting Features of OS X Mavericks for Audio Production

OS X Mavericks – one small step for desktop operating systems, one giant leap for…no, it’s pretty much just a small step.

Although the new Apple OS X doesn’t have any must-have features or a breathtaking ‘iOS 7-like’ look, it does have some pretty cool features, especially for us music makers.

So what are they? And should you upgrade?

Check out this video from lifehacker.com – great intro to some of the less advertised features:

(Check out their post here)

Ok, so maybe you’re not all that excited about being able to easily identify your apps (or maybe you are – I once heard that it’s all about the small things in life…), but you should definitely be excited about these three features:

1. The New Activity Monitor

This is going to be nice to have. With all of the new ways to see which apps are taking up energy, your actual usage right from the dock, and even whether or not your apps are “napping”, you’ll be able to track your machine’s activity in a much better way. This is always important when you’re running powerful audio software.

2. The New Finder Features

This will become a game changer if you use it right. First of all, having tabs in the Finder window is going to be great. You’ve been able to do it before with third-party tools like XtraFinder, but nothing beats a built-in feature. More important than tabs is going to be the other “t” word – tags! If you use this feature correctly, you’re going to be able to do so, so many things better. Organize a 2,000 file, 20 GB sample library so that you can find the exact sample you need every time. Locate sessions so much easier (possibly by tagging the artist, even if the file name doesn’t have the artist name.) My naming convention has always been ARTISTNAME_SONGNAME_DATE_MST.xyz, simply because it was searchable. With tags, I won’t have to do this anymore. Simply tagging the info like Artist Name and Date will allow me to keep my file names short, sweet, and to NARAS guidelines.

3. Dual Full Screen Apps

This will only affect you if you’re running a setup with a double monitor (or second display), but it will be very handy if you are! You can now put Logic Pro X as a full screen app and still be able to use your second monitor for a myriad of other tools (notes, song lyrics, Facebook 🙂

Ok, so the features seem pretty nice, but is it worth $20? The answer is no, it is not. But that’s a good thing, because it’s FREE! Yes, free. But before you kick open the App Store and start your download, consider some of the consequences. Some apps will inevitably break. Pro Tools won’t work. Interfaces may be rendered useless. But this is all temporary, because in a few months, all of the companies will step up and release compatible versions of their software. So wait until they say it’s cool, then upgrade.

What do you think of Maverick? Cool enough features, or proof that Apple is less innovative?

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