The Essential Step Everyone Forgets In Their Productions

The Essential Step Everyone Forgets In Their ProductionsNobody’s perfect. That’s why we all forget this step from time to time.

But that’s no excuse – this is an essential part of music that is too easily shoved to the side and forgotten.

And our productions are worse off for it.

Don’t let that happen on your next production – here’s what it is and how to use it:


And we’re not even talking about the technical side of things (dynamic range, limiting, compression.) Nope – we’re talking straight up dynamics.

Musical louds, softs, crescendos, decrescendos – the whole nine yards.

A lot of times we forget the power of this essential musical tool. Even in a hard rock production, dynamics are extremely important. Think about how powerful your final chorus would sound if it came right after a soft bridge. Or maybe how interesting your beat could sound with a crescendo into the chorus.

We can fake dynamics by adding new elements and taking them away in the production, but that’s only half as powerful.

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There is no substitute for a musical performance, so use it to your advantage. Instead of relying on the mix to add dynamic interest into your production, take matters into your own hands and play the part in that way from the start.

You’ll be much happier with the result and will end up with a more musical mix in the long run.

Speaking of musical mixes, check out how the pros improve on great tracks in the mixing stage by check out our member videos.

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