The 21st Century Musician – Are You With The Times?

I was recently reading an article about Robopop – the dynamic duo behind Lana Del Ray’s early viral success – when I got to thinking about what it means to be a musician in the 21st century.

Not just about the style of music, popular chord structures, or even types of songs. It’s a much deeper understanding that reaches past the surface-like genres and into the fundamental core of what it means to create music.

And believe it or not, embracing this mindset can actually help you make better music that more people will enjoy.

The 21st century musician is no longer a single instrumentalist writing songs. She is performing well on multiple instruments and is not only writing but producing her music.

The 21st century musician isn’t concerned with how it gets done, but to what effect. He doesn’t care about the means, just the ends.

The 21st century musician uses all of the tools available to make great music – not just the traditional setup.

We often times forget that even our DAW is an instrument – a tool for us to create music for others to enjoy.

So here’s a quick checklist that will help you determine whether or not you’re fully embracing your 21st century musicianship:

  • Are you as good at working your DAW as you are with your guitar, piano, voice, etc.?
  • Do you make decisions based on what will yield the best results?
  • Is your home studio full of tools that you use differently each and every time you use them?
  • Are you expanding your knowledge of other instruments so that you can better utilize them on your productions?
  • Is your main goal to create the perfect sounds for each and every song?

If you can check of each of questions with a “yes,” you’re certainly embracing your 21st century musicianship. If you’re a little shaky on some of them, however, you might need to see if there are ways you can improve. Learn the keyboard shortcuts for your DAW, keep the end result in mind during each and every decision you make, or learn about a new instrument you can use in your productions.

When you embrace this mindset, you’re sure to be making better music – the 21st century way!

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