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28 Nov 2017
crowdfunding your career

Crowdfunding A Successful Music Career

  Make music and let your fans participate- Your fans have more options than ever before to directly impact your career. Let them be involved in the process. You can create and give them access to behind the scenes. Listen to them and get to know what they want. Ask them what they love most about your music. Crowdfunding is more than money coming in, it’s about building a deeper relationship with your fans. Here’s three of our favorite crowdfunding […]

08 Nov 2017
distrokid sell your music online

Sell your music online

  Where should you sell your music online once you’re ready to release it to the world? Are you overwhelmed by the myriad of services out there to sell your music? Maybe you’ve made so many choices up until this point that you’re feeling decision fatigue. You might not know how to get your tracks on Spotify, Amazon, or iTunes. Problem solved! We’ve compiled a short list of the top 3 best sites to help you sell your music online. […]