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14 Nov 2017
what are you doing

What are you doing?

  Take action, create music you’re proud of, and share it with everyone. What are you doing – -right now? -this evening? -to get ahead? -to create more? -to finish a track? -in your spare time? -to be a better musician? -to perform at a higher level? -to understand the music business? -to maximize and proactively use the time you have? -to network with producers, artists, business professionals? -to make the most of each hour in front of your computer/phone? […]

07 Mar 2017

Become a Sound Engineer in 6 *Easy* Steps

I stumbled upon this interesting article on wikihow, and must agree with the steps to success that are laid out. Although it may seem quite a bit easier than it really is, this is a good breakdown of the steps to become a good engineer, producer, or musician for that matter! Here’s a quick outline of the article (which you should read here if you like): Start practicing. It’s impossible to become the next Mozart if you’ve never picked up […]