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04 Dec 2017
Wavetable in Ableton Live 10

Wavetable – a powerful synth coming in Ableton Live 10

Wavetable – a powerful synth coming in Live 10 Ableton Live 10 is coming soon, and one of the features I’m most excited about is their new synthesizer Wavetable. This incredible synth (similar to Serum but built into Ableton) has promising vast sonic potential and an intuitive and tweakable interface. “Wavetable is capable of angelic pads, analog-style squelch, eerie sci-fi effects, and all sorts of evolving sounds, and at its heart is a new approach to wavetable synthesis.” – Ableton.com […]

30 Nov 2017
Ableton Live and push for music programming

The Ultimate Music Programming Combo – Ableton Live & Push

  Ableton Live & Push for music programming: I discovered Ableton Live after having been a long time Pro Tools user. The interface seemed more intuitive and encouraged “in-the-moment” creation in a way no other DAW had achieved yet. Flexibility, simplicity, and workflow: I worked in the studio for a producer at a second computer running pro tools during live tracking sessions. I’d compose parts and sounds on our 2nd music programming station while the session musicians tracked right next […]

07 Nov 2017
ultimate snare riser

Learn to create the Ultimate Snare Riser

We’re excited to announce the launch of our course – Ultimate Snare Riser! This 9 Part Series will teach you everything you need to know, and quip you to create the ultimate snare riser for your EDM Productions in Ableton Live! (Click on the image above to check out the course!) Are you finding yourself stuck in your productions?  Maybe you feel like your track doesn’t have the energy build like so many of the EDM songs you love? Are you […]