Switching Between DAWs – How to Do It Successfully

Do you have trouble going from DAW to DAW – trying to open the mixer in Pro Tools with just a plain old “m” keystroke, while attempting to quantize in Logic with “Option + 0”? It just doesn’t work.

So here’s what you can do to help yourself when it comes to switching between DAWs. Set up your key commands to be (almost) exactly the same. This is going to be huge. You’ll now be able to learn one set of key commands (which, if you’re using Pro Tools, will probably be them since you can’t remap them). This function can be found in just about every other DAW on the planet, and is usually in the preferences.

Another way you can ease the transition is by learning the functions that are different. For example, there isn’t really a way to “tab to transients” inside Cubase 7. But just by knowing that, you won’t spend time looking for a feature that doesn’t exist. Creating a list (in your mind or otherwise) of the main functions and how the DAWs differ will help you to keep them straight when you’re jumping around between them.

Finally, just be sure to spend time with a DAW before trying to be efficient. If you pop open a program for the very first time, you’re not likely to be using it like a pro yet. That’s ok, just spend time with it and learn how to do the basics – move around, record, edit, etc. They’re all really similar, so it shouldn’t take too much time to familiarize yourself with a new one.

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