Surround Sound Mixing – Improve Your Stereo Mixes With This Exercise

Do your mixes sound “flat” or 2D? Maybe you should mix in surround sound!

That was, of course, a joke. But by doing a little thinking exercise, you will actually be able to think about stereo mixing in a completely new way that can improve your results.

After I started thinking about it this way, I saw some incredible results. I’m sure you’ll see the same.

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When you’re mixing or listening to surround sound mixes, it sounds like you’re actually inside the music. A good surround mix will put you inside a mix. But more importantly, it was sound very spacious.

Sounds come from the left, the right, the front, and the back. With all that extra positioning power, you can create a lot more space because you don’t need as much information in each speaker.

Think about the difference between mono and stereo. It’s a similar jump from stereo to surround.

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Surround mixing allows you to position back/front as well as left/right. When you work on a mix, you need to think about exactly where you want the sound to come from and find the perfect position for it to come from. But a lot of times, we forget to do this with stereo mixing.

We need to think about exactly how far away we want a sound to come from. We need to think about how elements are related and exactly how we should mix it.

By turning an element down and adding a little reverb, you can actually position something further back. The opposite is true as well – dry elements sound closer.

Using this technique to think about mixing can help you create space for different elements and actually make a better mix overall. There’s plenty of other ways to think about mixing as well – we dive into them for Multi-Platinum Members. With over 100 hours of videos available to members, you’re bound to find a mixing strategy that works for you and produces pro results.

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