Steve Albini’s 4 page letter to Nirvana

I’ve met Steve Albini. Even drove him to the airport and had a nice long chat one time, along with producing a video of a great lecture he gave at MTSU.

While I think a lot of us can agree with his philosophy about producing a “Band”, oftentimes we as producers/engineers are working with “Artists” that prefer to capture the best interpretation of their song as humanly (and technologically) possible.

Steve uses tape. We use Pro Tools, and other modern tools. That’s cool. We’ve all experienced the magic of just capturing a great band in a great moment, and sometimes you want to just not pocket, not tune…leave that stuff alone. It’s magic.

On the other hand, most of the greatest songs recorded in the last 50 years have had lots of production elements in the pursuit of the best, newest sound.

Which ones are you working on more of recently?


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