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Where should you sell your music online once you’re ready to release it to the world?

Are you overwhelmed by the myriad of services out there to sell your music? Maybe you’ve made so many choices up until this point that you’re feeling decision fatigue. You might not know how to get your tracks on Spotify, Amazon, or iTunes. Problem solved! We’ve compiled a short list of the top 3 best sites to help you sell your music online.


Why it’s awesome: Super affordable! Keep 100% of your sales. Get paid monthly.
What it costs: $19.99 to upload unlimited albums and songs for a year
Tell me more: In addition to the reasons above, DistroKid also allows you to set up “splits” to route any percentage of earnings from any track to anyone. They also allow you to distribute cover songs legally. They get your music in over 150+ stores worldwide.


Why it’s awesome: Keep 100% of your sales, worldwide distribution
What it costs: $9.99 Singles, $29.99 albums (upfront, yearly)
Tell me more: In addition to the reasons above, TuneCore lets you keep creative control. Their monthly reports are great because they offer incredible detail in a simple interface. Finally they give you a massive market to sell your music worldwide to over 150+ stores.


Why it’s awesome: Set your own price. Sell cds & vinyl. Weekly payout.
What it costs: $9.99 Singles, $29.99 albums (yearly & they take 15% of sales)
Tell me more: In addition to the reasons above, CDBaby provides a music player widget you can embed on any website or Facebook. Your fans can purchase your album directly from the player. They also offer worldwide CD and Vinyl distribution.

Other honorable mentions
Reverb Nation 
Music Kickup

We encourage you to choose one of these and get started to sell your music online! Taking simple steps like releasing your music online is one step closer towards building the life and music career you want.

– James & The Multi-Platinum Team 

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