Sampling with the MPC Renaissance

In this quick 5 minute video, Young Guru (engineer for mega hip-hop acts like Jay-Z, Kanye, etc.) shows us the basics of sampling and how to use the MPC Renaissance to do it.

Here’s a few tips for sampling that you can use no matter what platform you’re using:

– Don’t settle for clicks and pops – make sure that you’re chopping up your sample cleanly and only starting and ending a certain sample at the “cross-zero” point. This will eliminate amateurish sounding clicks.

– Be creative – try layering samples, rearranging the sampled chords, or even reversing parts of the sample to create new sounds. Sampling isn’t simply taking from pre-recorded music, it’s being creative in how you use it.

For those of you who like to sample – do you have any other guidelines that you like to live by?

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