Remote collaboration between 2 DAW’s

A few years ago I needed to get the Mix bus out of an SSL 9000j into the mini-jack in of a Macbook.

It was my attempt to Skype mix versions to the arranger of the orchestral piece i was mixing, so he could give notes.

He sat on his deck at the beach, and could hear even the smallest missing xylophone role in the busiest sections. It saved us a ton on time and money for later sessions since he was able to give good notes along the way.


How often do you collaborate remotely with other musicians? What frustrations or challenges have you overcome?

Sure, you can always email files back and forth, though Dropbox is far better.

And of course, the rumor is you Cubase users are enjoying some SERIOUS new remote session abilities.

While this video definitely drags on at the beginning, jump to 6:20 to see how they’re using VSC to collaborate in Stereo, direct from 2 totally different DAWS (Studio One & Pro Tools).


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  1. Regarding Video On: V.S.C. (Virtual Studio Configuration) creates a Gateway for Audio to be Streamed directly from any DAW (PC or MAC) or Analog Setup versus using a USB Microphone. Using WebRTC Chat services will allow Musicians & Podcasters to Collaborate Online with Stereo Audio and HD Video in Real-time.

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