Recording On The Go? Pack the Essentials!

Do you know what the most frustrating thing in the world is for people like us? Well, there’s a lot of ways this can go, but I’m going to go with one that I experienced recently – recording on the go.

Or maybe, a better way to put that is not being able to record on the go.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up transporting car loads worth of gear to be able to record some music while I was away from my main home studio. And what can you really do? There isn’t much choice in the matter, right?


Wrong. The truth is, you can fit everything you need to get the basics done in this bag. (And it’s not just this bag that will let you do it, but I do like this one…) Any full size backpack is basically going to do the trick. Forget carrying car loads of equipment around just to do some recording on the go, and just grab the essentials. If you remember, we talked about the main tools you’re going to need to record music – and here’s a refresher just in case:

1. Laptop

2. Audio Interface

3. DAW

4. A Microphone

5. Headphones and/or monitors

6. Good cables


While this can grow and become even bigger over time, this is the list of the absolute essentials for recording music. Let’s look at how you can fit all of that into a single backpack.

1. A laptop. This is going to be the largest item in your pack, and by today’s standards, that’s not very large. Just make sure you have proper protection for it – either a case or a pack designed to carry your precious cargo!

2. Audio Interface. While this may be a rather large unit in your traditional home studio, there are some great on-the-go alternatives. My favorite is the Zoom H4n – a great device that can do a lot of things. You might even consider the fancier and new Zoom H6.

What’s great about these tools is that they function as a great audio interface while still being super portable. If you’re considering getting anything done on the go, this is certainly the way to go!

3. DAW – software is the easiest stuff to carry!

4. Microphone. This all depends on what type of work you’re hoping to accomplish. A nice AT2020 condenser microphone will do you good in almost any situation, and the Zoom interfaces have phantom power (as many comparable products d0), so a condenser isn’t out of the question. However, if you’re going for sturdy, you can’t go wrong with an SM 58!

5. Headphones are the key to the on-the-go studio, so grab a good pair and go! While earbuds may be most space efficient, you probably won’t be able to get an serious work done on them. However, even the largest studio headphones will easily fit in a pack like the one shown above.

6. Good cables. You can pick up a good 10′ XLR cable for you mic, and you’ll be all set to go!

Recording on the go isn’t always the most comfortable situation, but by using these products and keeping in mind that you’ll just need the essentials, you can put together a great setup just about anywhere!

One thought on “Recording On The Go? Pack the Essentials!”

  1. Yeah. I have a fresh copy of PT on my updated iMac Pro, plus a Scarlatti Focusrite interface sitting in my bedroom. Plus a couple of mics and cords. Eight channels of recording power, pretty much anywhere.

    All in one bag. Ain’t this new world something.


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