Recording a Killer Kick Drum

There are a lot of parts in modern recordings that can sound amateurish – but one of the most noticeable is definitely a poorly recorded, poorly mixed kick drum. This can reveal an amateur recording faster than a lot of other signals (besides poor vocals or overall poor musicianship, possibly.) Even if the listener is not trained and experienced, a weak kick drum can leave the music sound thin, bottomless, and with little overall drive.

That’s why it’s crucial to get a great sound in your productions. Whether this means recording a drummer and miking it up just right, or using samples to achieve a great sound, the foundation of your song will depend on it.

Dark Horse Institute has put together a couple of videos that help when trying to get that desired sound. They show how to mic it up, as well as some of their favorite settings to use with EQs and more! Watch through these videos and see what you can apply to your productions!

Then be sure to check out even more ways to get great sounding tracks in our training videos here!


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