New Product: Pro Tools Ninja

Welcome to a live, *blazing* fast introduction to the Pro Tools interface, complete with hidden shortcuts, secret speed techniques, and no small amount of raised voices.

Boxshot Pro Tools Ninja

Lots of engineers have a deep history with Pro Tools. It is the US standard for DAWs.

And yet, many have never moved past mousing around…often tripling or quadrupling the amount of time it takes to accomplish routine tasks in the software.

In this 1 hour video you’ll experience a live, totally unscripted overview of the Pro Tools interface, chock full of shortcuts, mnemonics for increasing your speed on both Mac and Windows, and some truly useless jokes. But, by golly you’ll be faster than you currently are…likely saving the cost of this video in your first studio session thereafter.

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced engineer, or a total novice to Pro Tools, if you survive this one hour video intero, you’ll find your speed significantly enhanced, and be relaxing on your back deck before you can say “Smart Tool”.

Seriously. You’ll experience

  • The secret of the Alt (ALL) Key
  • Hidden Navigation shortcuts
  • Banishing the Shuffle Mode!
  • Pro Tools “Hidden” Tools
  • Mad skills use Tab, In & Out points for editing
  • and much more!

Download now, work alongside Nathan in your own Pro Tools system, and dramatically speed up your Pro Tools skills for only$29.95

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Nathan “Adan” Adam

Adan has been featured as an audio professional on MSNBC Tonight with Deborah Norville, and is the producer of numerous advanced instructional video series, including the Telly Award winning “Learn and Master Guitar”, and the internationally distributed “Multi-Platinum Pro Tools” book and DVD’s.

As an audio engineer, he has recorded and mixed projects including the orchestral score for “Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby”, and albums, tracks and radio spots for artists including multi-platinum country star Collin Raye, Jim Stafford, Larry Gatlin, Carrie Tillis, Les Brown Jr, and many others. He has also been the audio and video editor for nearly 100 episodes of the “Presleys Country Jubilee” show on RFD-TV.

As the former Associate Chair of the largest 4 year Audio Production program in the US (the 1,700 student Department of Recording Industry at MTSU), Adan presented at multiple industry conferences (including GMA, and the Art of Record Production conference), developed extensive online course content, and won numerous awards for his work in educational technology.

He is co-founder of the Walnut House recording & event production complex outside Nashville, Tennessee (walnuthouseevents.com) and Multi-Platinum.com.


6 thoughts on “New Product: Pro Tools Ninja”

  1. How do you add to shopping cart? I’ve tried firefox, IE, and Safari. Dumb! So much for a free copy…

    • Hi Jesse,
      Happy to help. Click the “$20” button and then it will change to “Checkout”. Enter your email and the download code and it’ll change to links for the download. It’s been working for several days without issue.
      What’s the problem you’re having?

    • Thanks Luis! PT Ninja was a live class where most of our videos are much longer and more in depth, but glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. I hit the blue button it finally took me to checkout I entered the code and then it kicked me out to paypal asking me to pay $20. It does not work as suppose to. I can not get the download without paying for it.

    • Hi Mike!
      That’s odd. It’s working for others. What browser are you using? Do you have popup blockers turned on or anything?
      I’d say try a different browser initially to see if there’s a bug and let me know. OR email us at support@multi-platinum.com and we’ll find an alternate way to take care of you.

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