Pro Tools 11 Sneak Peak. Are you upgrading or not?

Got an invite to attend a sneak peak of Pro Tools 11 tonight. It’s easy to get excited about all the power of a 64 bit app that fixes a lot of the nagging issues we’ve had with Pro Tools over the years.

  • Stupid Fast
  • Faster than realtime bounce (FINALLY!)
  • REAL Low latency monitoring, even on native systems
  • Killer new shortcuts to bypass various types of plugins, or all at once for checking your mix
  • Show Small faders for ALL or ANY of your sends at once
  • Directly bounceĀ any buss for creating rapid stem exports (especially if you’ve learned to Mix through busses through any of our multi-platinum series.
  • Way better metering
  • Live automation captureĀ even during recording

So while we’re definitely still looking at other supplementary DAW’s, in Nashville, Interoperability is key with other studios. As a result, at least one of our rooms will be upgrading to 11 immediately on release.

So what are you excited about? is there a killer feature in one of the other DAW’s we’d be better off spending our money on? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Or, Check out your own Sneak Peak below.

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