Pairing Your Guitar With The Right Amp Model

I hear it all the time – “these amp models are terrible. They’ll never be able to sound good.”

But as you probably know, that’s just not true.

One of the key things you need to do in order to make them sound good, however, is pair the right guitar with the right amp model.

Can you imagine eating peanut butter and hard boiled eggs together? It’d probably be gross. It’s all about the right combination…

Here’s how to do it with amp models:

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If you ain’t got that right, how do you expect the amp model to sound good?

There’s a reason AC/DC didn’t play Tele’s, and there’s also a reason Taylor Swift doesn’t play an SG.

If you’re going for a heavy, rock distortion, use a guitar suited for it. For example, in the most recent Secrets of the Hits, we get Paramore guitar tones using an Epiphone Dot. It has a great Gibson-like sound that was perfect for the track.

In Secrets of the Hits: Taylor Swift, we used a Fender Tele. Totally different sound, but perfect for the track.

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A lot of people do it the other way. But this allows you to get just the right amount without overdoing it.

That’s one of the things that makes amp models sound bad – using too much distortion. Even on massive rock tracks, you probably don’t need to max out the distortion on your amp model. Just a little dab will do ya.

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If you’re recording the lead guitar solo, try switching to your bridge pickup. For the smooth rhythm guitar, use your neck pickup. This will really help you sculpt the sound and will result in more realistic guitar tones.

Use these methods to get the perfect pair and a good tone overall. We do all of these things in Secrets of the Hits, so go through that if you’d like to learn more!SOTH-Paramore-Deliverable


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