Overusing Effects Is Dangerous: Here’s How to NOT Do It

Have you ever been accused of overusing effects?

If your answer is no, then you probably haven’t done very much recording.

It’s a trap every beginning audio engineer falls into from time to time. Even experienced engineers can let it happen if they’re not careful!

So how can be you be sure not to do this? Like this:

Split the Difference

The most dangerous time to overuse an effect is when you get a new plug-in. You want to really hear the difference and crank out an incredible sounding mix because of this new addition to your digital toolbox.

So you apply too much EQ, compression, excitement, reverb – whatever it is, you’ve got too much of it!

The problem comes when you listen to your mix a week or two later. You notice how trashy and horrible is sounds – “why is there SO MUCH VERB??”

You’ve experienced this feeling before. Luckily, there’s a pretty easy way to avoid this from ever happening again.

Just split the difference.

Whenever you get a new plug-in, dial back how much you’re using it. If you boost the EQ at 450 Hz by 12 dB on your first pass, go back and only boost it by 6 dB. If you set your reverb mix at 80% wet, try 40%.

This will really help you to add just a little bit of the effect you’re going for instead of adding way too much.

In mastering, this is incredibly important. It’s easy to overuse effects unless you really know how to apply them. The results are usually pretty bad if you overuse in mastering, so be careful!

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How do you match levels and make sure your tracks will flow smoothly from one to the next? What are the best ways to compare songs and listen to them back to back? How do you apply all of the different types of processing needed to make your master stand out?

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In this course, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • how to use a Reference Master to make your project more cohesive
  • how to apply EQ to make slight, yet important, adjustments to a mix
  • how to use dynamics processing to “squeeze” your mix while maintaining a good dynamic range
  • how to create a more exciting master using an exciter
  • how to spread out your master effectively using a stereo imager
  • how to use a second round of EQ to polish off the track
  • how to get competitive levels and overall output using a mastering limiter
  • how to achieve a smooth sound from one song to the next
  • and much, much more…

When you join this course, you’ll download the full-res mix files of a 5-track EP to work with, as well as the final Ozone 6 Project File, including all of the settings for the project. Work with us step-by-step from scratch and pick apart the throught process that goes into each adjustment along the way.

The EP we’ll be working with has a great modern sound and a full range of challenges that you face when mastering every day. With everything from a full pop track to a stripped-down piano ballad, this EP is the perfect place to learn how to make just about any two mixes fit well together on a single release.

Not using Ozone 6? No problem! All of the techniques and tips in this course easily apply to ANY home studio setup. Whether you’re using the stock plug-ins in your DAW, a previous version of Ozone, or any other third party plug-ins, you’ll be learning the fundamental skills and advanced techniques required to make great sounding masters with any equipment.

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