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Sadly, many of us gear heads can relate all too well to this picture. Maybe not about the video games (or maybe!), but what about the piles and piles (and piles…don’t forget about the closet piles) of gear?

The truth is, it really isn’t 100% necessary to have a crazy amount of gear. Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve got it – that’s great!

But if you’re just starting out, don’t be intimidated by the price tags on the so-called “must have” gear. Truthfully, you can probably get along just fine without it! There’s really only a few things you’ll actually need to get started!

Check out this article on what you’ll need if you’re just starting out.

And if you’ve been doing this a while and have got piles of gear sitting around like me, then use it! I find that I will stumble upon a great plug-in, outboard gear, or instrument that I haven’t played with in years! It was always there, but I always forgot to try it out. Look for just one thing you haven’t used recently, and be determined to use it on your next project – you may be surprised at how awesome it is!


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